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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 ALC SHOWCASE Photos& Videos

Watch Videos Here
1. Showcase Intro

2. Please Say Cheese by AKC1& ASC5- Eric/ Asheena

3. Insect Show by AE1- - Asheena

4. Kids These Days by ASC1- Karl

5. Around the World in 80 Days- Part A by JH1&W1- Karl/Peter

6. 3D TV by W1&W2- Eric/ Peter

7. Recycled Fashion Show by AE5&E3- Asheena/ Karl

8. Around the World in 80 Days- Part B by JH1&W1- Karl/ Peter
9. Culture Performances by E2- Asheena
10. News Report by T2& M2- Karl/ Peter
11. Say Hey! I Love You! by ASC3- Karl

12. Haunted House by ASC2- Asheena
13. Self Defense by ASC8- Karl
14. Mr. Bean by GEO1- Tiffany

15. Live Action Poetry by AKC3- Peter

16. Cooking Show by AE4- Tiffany
17. ALC Idol by K1& JH4- Peter

More Videos Coming Up!!